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2017. február 6., hétfő

Jégkirály inspiráció

Snow Queen:

dress made out of recycled materials - Google Search:

This stunning one of a kind winter wedding crown for men is designed and hand crafted by me in my Atlanta studio. This full head piece captures the regal and sophistication that any woodland king would exude. Made from real hickory and oak branches and twigs, real moss and clear acrylic crystals in various sizes. The front center of the crown comes to a point in the center of the forehead. The winter ice crown measures 7 high. It fits a standard size male head at 23. There is some flexibilit...:

My entry for "Snow Day"-Contest of Credits to for "Ice King And Queen Stock 2" for "Winter" for "Snow Drops For PS" Thanks a lot for sharing beautiful stock! 11 layers, 4 adjustment layers, 2 layer...:

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